MacShortcuts and Chat-GPT: 3 Automations with Zapier and Make

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MacShortcuts with Chat-GPT and Zapier or Make, automated workflows with openAI. How to replace composerAI and Use GPT3 with Mac Shortcuts and Make.

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GPT (General Purpose Text) and Make are powerful tools for automating processes. They enable users to link web services and applications to each other, allowing for efficient data exchange and automation of processes.

Mac shortcuts Chat-GPT 3 Automation

With GPT and Make or Zapier, users can quickly and easily create workflows that can be triggered and managed from their desktops using Mac shortcuts.

Use Mac shortcuts with Zapier or to run openAI

Using GPT and Make, users can automate a variety of processes. For example, they can set up a workflow in Make that triggers a particular action in response to an email or message, such as creating a task or sending a notification back once the Shortcut is done creating the text.

How to automate GPT3 and Make?

Automate your AI GPT3 Prompts with Shortcuts on your Mac and Make

The workflow can also be customized with prompts, allowing for personalization of responses. Additionally, GPT and Make can be used to create AI-driven bots that act on behalf of users. This can be done by connecting GPT to an API and using Make to automate tasks based on the AI-driven responses.

Here are my 3 use cases:

  1. Reply to every email, teams message, slack or any text with AI on your Mac
  2. Customise the reply using AI and prompts and your Mac interface
  3. Or use ChatGPT on your Desktop without 3rd parties and just, Make, Mac and OpenAI.

We all know the cases of, an AI-driven chatbot can be created to respond to customer inquiries and provide product recommendations. Finally, GPT and Make can be used to create with Mac shortcuts that trigger to become fully automated tasks. For example, users can create a Mac shortcut that triggers an AI-driven wrap up task like replying to an email.

How to build my own AI-driven Mac shortcut?

Simply mark the text of an email.

Simply use AI by using: cmd + c

Yes, it is that easy to use GPT3 with cmd + c how so?

Taking the text from the clipboard now when you hit the initiation trigger:


But you can choose whatever keyboard shortcut you like to trigger your Text to AI automation with Make. From here I am sending a request to Make and let openAI with GPT3 do the Magic.

Let OpenAI answer your email or slack message.

You can use this one scenario for use case 1 and 2. This will handle the request to directly generate an answer with default parameters or you can for use case 2 use the shortcut ⌥⌘X . In the 2nd use case to automate replies with GPT3 we are customizing the instructions sent over to build the reply by AI.

Use case No.3 can be used to automate tasks such as writing this blogpost partly

Mac Shortcuts with GPT3

..or sending out notifications or creating tasks. Use case No. returns me by default a text with 500 tokens this is meant to answer emails or write descriptive text for presentations without using other 3rd parties tools like Jasper, composeAI or similar. In summary, GPT and Make provide a powerful and efficient way to create automated AI processes. They can be used to automate tasks, respond to emails and messages, personalize responses with prompts, create AI-driven bots, and trigger automated tasks using Mac shortcuts. With GPT and Make, users can quickly and easily automate their processes and save time.

If you want to copy the shortcuts or the Make scenario contact me.

Sebastian Mertens

Let’s see where AI will take us, ChatGPT and Dall E 2 are just the beginning.

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