How to use Chat-GPT as Personal Assistant?

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My personal assistant is now Chat-GPT and I use it everyday find out 6 examples how to use it!

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For the past 6 weeks, I have had a personal assistant.

GPT3 and Chat-GPT as a personal assistant – TL: DR; 6 Use Cases:

  • Use it to wrap up meeting notes and bullet points I copy-pasted into it.
  • Write an agenda for a meeting based on a project title and 3-4 context words.
  • Wrap-up meetings by copy-pasting sections of a zoom transcript into it.
  • Come up with post titles like the one you read right now.
  • Retrieve company information by just giving it the company URL.
  • Write me some simple python, excel, or text snippets

This personal assistant helps me even further than anyone ever in my Job as a co-worker did, with specific questions about Excel, the formulation of emails, agenda templates or documentation. Sometimes even with the translation of English texts (but shhh… my English is actually not that bad). But even strange requests for smoothie recipes or travel tips are not a problem for her. She can even handle creating code snippets for programs or websites, but that still needs improvement.

The news program “Tagesschau” recently reported on my new helper: OpenAI Personal Assistant.

Chat GPT as Assitant: Good or Bad?

Of course, it is the language AI #ChatGPT. Every few years there is a technology that captivates me completely and ChatGPT definitely belongs to that category. this is…

The iPhone moment of 2007 – just repeated and probably even more groundbreaking.


Nevertheless it is definitely good, but one cannot yet 100% trust the results. Not all answers are correct or complete:

OpenAI as Personal assistant
OpenAI Fails as personal Assistant

But the linguistic quality and, above all, the AI’s ability to engage in the previous conversation create a natural conversation. For example, the AI can easily execute a command like “use more reflexive pronouns in the text just created.”

It is superior to a search engine in many respects.

No wonder Google is getting scared and Microsoft wants to buy shares of the company for several billion dollars.

Should I hire a Virtual Assistant or use Chat-GPT?

The current development level leaves no other conclusion than that the arrival of AI in the everyday lives of many people and companies is imminent in the following months and years, nearly no need anymore for Virtual Assistants. I already use it to wrap up massively text from user forums to understand their needs in 30 minutes instead of 10 days reading and hiring a Virtual Assistant. Quality, added value, and user-friendliness are enormous. Anyone who has not tried it yet should definitely try ChatGPT or one of the other current AIs.

#Midjourney for creating images based on a text description also fascinated me.

There is certainly no need to rush, but the topic needs to be brought to the attention of decision-makers to grant everyone a personal AI Assistant now – to not miss out on a revolution in #digitaltransformation.

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